SilTek Computer Services

Efficiency and Performance with Our Comprehensive Computer Services
Expert Hardware, Network, and Server Solutions

SilTek Computer Services

Efficiency and Performance with Our Comprehensive Computer Services with Expert Hardware, Network, and Server Solutions

Computer Services for
Northern Virginia Businesses

When your computer systems work correctly, they are invisible. When they don't work as expected, they are the most visible and frustrating parts of your business. SilTek Computer Services (SCS) is here to help you get you up and running, or back online quickly and provide you and your staff with the tools you need to be productive. Call us at 571.600.1600.

Cloud Services
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Managed IT Services

Services We Offer

When your systems are down, your business is down. SilTek can help. Located in Northern Virginia, we are dedicated to providing exceptional IT support solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses survive in today's market. If your computer systems have become a business problem instead of a solution, we are here to help solve that problem. SilTek is committed to delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique business issues:

  • Network Management, Security and Administration
  • Desktop and Device Management and Administration
  • User Management
  • WiFi Solutions
  • Web Hosting Support (Including Configuration Management)

  • Network Design and Installation
  • Software/OS Installation/Upgrades
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Malware Removal
  • IT Asset Disposal

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you. | 571.600.1600

Dedicated Customer Service

Exceptional IT solutions and support to ensure your systems run smoothly

Dedicated Customer Service

Exceptional IT solutions and support to ensure your systems run smoothly

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what we offer

At SilTek Computer Services (SCS), we specialize in providing comprehensive hardware solutions and support for businesses of all sizes. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your hardware systems are set up and configured to meet your specific needs, while providing ongoing support to keep your technology running smoothly.

IT is the backbone of every successful business. We offer a wide range of services designed to help keep you up and running. From managed installations to cloud solutions to ongoing security, maintenance and repairs, we help ensure your technology is available and operating at peak performance.

Services Offered

Network Management, Security and Administration:
Our services ensure your business' network infrastructure is secure, reliable, and available. We provide proactive monitoring, management, and support for your network and connected devices, servers, and applications to ensure performance and minimal downtime.
Desktop and Device Management and Administration:
With remote, US based support, we ensure your user's devices are up-to-date, secure, and functioning properly. We provide performance monitoring, software installations, upgrades, and security patches, as well as virus and malware protection, to keep all devices running smoothly.
User Management:
We help simplify the management of your users, including creating accounts, password resets, on-boarding, and off-boarding. Discover a simple way to work together with industry leading tools and our user management services. Easily control who can access your team's digital resources and what they can do with them. We help you handle user management tasks faster, improve the user experience, and keep your digital space safe.
WiFi Solutions:
We provide fast, reliable, and secure wireless connectivity for your business. WiFI services include site surveys, network design, wireless access point (WAP) installation, and troubleshooting support.
Web Hosting Support (Including Configuration Management):
To ensure your website is always accessible, fast, and secure, we provide web hosting setup, web site migration (rehosting) and configuration, site management, as well as ongoing support, to keep your website available and operating smoothly. We also provide design and development services.
Network Design and Installation:
These services support your business network infrastructure and include customized network design, installation, and troubleshooting to ensure availability, performance and maximum uptime.
Software/OS Installation/Upgrades:
Software and operating systems are updated more frequently today. We help ensure your computers are always up-to-date with the latest software and operating system updates by providing software installation, configuration, and upgrade services to keep your systems secure, reliable, and functioning correctly.
Hardware Troubleshooting:
We can quickly diagnose and resolve issues with your computers and peripherals by providing hardware diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades, to maximize uptime and productivity.
Malware Removal:
Don't let cyber threats jeopardize your business' success. Our malware elimination services are tailored to shield your computers and servers from the dangers of viruses, malware, and other insidious software. With industry leading tools for rigorous scanning and swift removal, we will help you keep your systems secure and help prevent the disastrous consequences of cyber-attacks that could shatter your hard-earned reputation and profitability. Act now before it's too late!
IT Asset Disposal:
We can help you retire and dispose your unused technology assets in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. We provide data wiping, hard drive destruction, and other disposal services, to ensure your sensitive data is protected and your company is compliant with all relevant regulations.
Thinking about improving your current hardware, setting up new systems, or just needing regular help and upkeep? At SilTek/SCS, our professional and experienced team has the knowledge and skills to make things work for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our great hardware fixes and helpful support services. | 571.600.1600
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